Fellowcraft Woodworks is known for their all-inclusive ability to produce wood cabinets, furniture, and specialty pieces for every application where custom design and high quality are essential.  Our team consists of experienced and highly skilled craftsmen. With impeccable attention placed on every detail, you can expect a product that will transform your current space into your dream space. Helping your dream become manifest is our passion.




From Kitchens to baths, and every room between... we've collaborated with homeowners, contractors, and designers to come up with just the right design for the client's desired look and functionality of their space.


We have experience and a reputation for making custom, hand-carved furniture and replicas. Find a picture of the armoire you love? Or maybe it's a desk that could use a minor change to make it perfect. Bring us your picture and we'll give you a quote.






What sets Fellowcraft Woodworks apart is our capacity to do more than just cabinets and furniture. Are you a "think outside the box" type of person? We love working with you! Our passion grows stronger the more creative we can be.